Payton Gin is an alternative rock band based in Boston, Massachusetts. The band is named after the street singer/songwriter Liv Field's producer, Andy Lane of Music Lane Recording's, was located on in Austin, TX  Payton Gin Rd.


The band was cultivated and brought together by Liv Field, bringing to life the originals she had been working on for the past year for her new alternative rock project. Liv and  Huxley Kuhlmann (keyboardist) were classmates at Westlake High School in Austin, TX and both were attending Berklee College of Music in Boston. Liv met the other band members at Berklee or at parties in Boston.  The bands first jam took place in September 2018, and everything seemed to blend beautifully.

They then began to play shows amongst the underground DIY Boston/Allston community, and can be seen playing venues throughout the Boston/Allston area until they are called elsewhere. 

Payton Gin released their debut self-titled EP, out everywhere, in May of 2019. They plan on releasing their second EP within the first months of 2020 with their first single from the record "Supermotorbike" available everywhere. This second EP was recorded in a span of 1 week late august 2019, and recorded at Music Lane Recording in Austin, Texas on Payton Gin Rd

Liv Field - Lead Vocals, Guitar - Austin, TX

Mylan Vogels - Lead Guitar

Huxley Kuhlmann - Synth, Guitar, Vocals - Austin, TX

Black Shelton- Bass, Vocals

Cole Hancock - Drums

The Band



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