"‘Rendezvous’ is taken from that EP which is filled with fun jazz guitar licks and a crash of synths and cymbals which make it sound like a psychedelic rock number. The speed is kept high and energetic throughout and the male and female vocal mix keep the pace smooth and unique"

-Indie Central Music

"Right from the start, this song is filled with fast and fun beats that will instantly have any listener up and dancing. The vocals come in sounding like they belong in a dimly lit, city jazz club. The beat continues fast and steady, with synths and cymbals that make it sound like it was pulled straight from a psychedelic rock festival. As the chorus comes in, we’re introduced to another vocalist who keeps pace with the smooth, yet rocking melody we’ve been experiencing so far. The backing instruments fade out a bit, focusing on the psychedelic noises that really make this song unique. This is a song you’d listen to while speeding down empty highways; energetic and exciting."

-Hot Lunch Music

 ‘Rendezvous’ stood out for me as a song to share initially because of the impressive bass line, then the unique vocals of Liv Field. The song is about an average guy, who had a “normal’ life. He meets a wealthy woman who is well out of his league but she does take him for a ‘Rendezvous’. I am looking forward to their second EP that is due out towards the end of the year

-Music Injection

"Boston based Alternative Rock band Payton Gin will be right up your street if you’re into Indie rock but slightly less mainstream. Brought together by Lead Vocalist Liv Field, the songwriter shortly turned her songs into a full collected band arrangement. Planning on releasing a second EP by the end of 2019,  there’s something really special with the band."

-Born Music